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Today's children will become tomorrow's custodians of the planet, but still facing immense environmental challenges such as climate change and water scarcity. 

It is the responsibility of all of us, not just parents, to guide the next generation and help them become true champions for the environment.

What is the Wild Hearts program?

It's crucial for children to develop a deep love for the environment and learn how to protect it. The WILD HEARTS Environmental Awareness program for preschoolers supports that need and helps make our future better together.

The WILD HEARTS program is a free-to-share preschool program that includes teaching and learning content, printable resources, song cards, and labels. Each lesson involves an age-appropriate art activity, exploring numerous art techniques and varied recycled materials while developing fine motor control. 


The print-ready lesson plans also include a predesigned printable African animal-themed letter freeze (a – z) to complement the lesson topics to hang up in the classroom. The WILD HEARTS preschool program also allows for teacher training, program monitoring and evaluation, and educator support. 

Mother Nature at the heart of every lesson

Environmental education helps pre-schoolers understand the world around them and how they can protect it. By learning about nature, children develop a sense of wonder and respect for the environment. They also learn about the impact of human actions on the planet and how they can make a positive difference.


An early introduction to environmental education can inspire children to become lifelong advocates for the environment, leading to a more sustainable future. Environmental education has also been shown to have cognitive and social benefits, improving problem-solving skills, creativity, and empathy towards others.

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How long is the program?

WILD HEARTS is a 12-month Environmental Education (EE) program specifically designed for pre-schoolers. The curriculum includes 21 lessons topics purposefully built around carefully selected International Environmental Days. and creative, fun-filled lessons and activities have been developed around wildlife and the natural world.



Each topic consists of one pre-school specific lesson plan. Each lesson is comprised of discussion pictures, fun-filled movement breaks and a creative art activity. Bonuses include theme related songs, rhymes and games.  The art activities are theme related and age-appropriate and use recycled materials and resources. 

The lesson plans are print ready and distributed in pdf format and there are no membership fees to join or use the WILD HEARTS program. The program does provide for optional teacher training and additional support.

Affiliated Partners

The WILD HEARTS Environmental Education program is proud to be currently partnering with the following brands and businesses.


How to sign up as a Wild Hearts Partner

We would love to share more information about our WILD HEARTS program and discuss how we can assist you.  Please send an expression of interest by completing the following form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Terms of Use

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