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WILD HEARTS EE: Nurturing Young Minds, Sowing Sustainable Futures

As we commemorate World Environmental Education Day, Tenthouse Structures proudly stands at the forefront of preschool environmental education with our WILD HEARTS EE (Environmental Education) program. Launched last year and poised for even greater impact in 2024, WILD HEARTS EE is more than just a program; it's a commitment to fostering environmental stewardship from the very beginning.

The Importance of Environmental Education for Young Minds

In the early stages of life, young minds are like sponges, absorbing the values and knowledge that will shape their future. Environmental education plays a pivotal role in this developmental journey. At Tenthouse Structures, we recognize that instilling a love for nature and sustainable practices in pre-schoolers not only creates informed individuals but also nurtures a generation committed to safeguarding our planet.

WILD HEARTS EE: A Pillar of Sustainability

WILD HEARTS EE is not just an initiative; it is an integral part of Tenthouse Structures' sustainability model, Made Better Together. Committed to making a positive difference, we believe that by empowering young minds with environmental awareness, we contribute to building a more sustainable and harmonious world.

Empowering Local Communities

The implementation of WILD HEARTS EE is a collaborative effort with various esteemed partners, including Africa Foundation, Global Conservation Corps, the Timbavati Foundation, DARDLEA Mpumalanga, MASICORP, and several other dedicated organizations. Together, we empower local communities by providing access to meticulously designed curriculum lesson plans and essential training.

Invitation to Expand the Impact

We extend an open invitation to other organizations to join us in implementing WILD HEARTS EE in their community projects and preschools. By spreading the wings of this impactful initiative, we collectively contribute to the growth of a generation that values and protects our environment.

Excitement for 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, the excitement is palpable. Witnessing the implementation of WILD HEARTS EE and the transformative impact it will have on pre-schoolers and communities fills us with hope and enthusiasm. Together, we are sowing the seeds for a greener, more sustainable future.

In the spirit of World Environmental Education Day, let us celebrate WILD HEARTS EE, where every lesson learned becomes a step towards a brighter and more environmentally conscious tomorrow. Made Better Together, for a world we can proudly pass on to the next generation.


*About our Sustainability Strategy: MADE BETTER, together is Tenthouse Structure’s migration towards a more sustainable architectural future for the protection and preservation of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity [PLANET] and helping to improve the living conditions and wellness of the communities we serve in [PEOPLE]


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