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Celebrating Our Partners: Another Successful Term of WILD HEARTS

Updated: Jun 25

With immense pride and gratitude, Tenthouse Structures thanks our incredible partners for another successful term of implementing WILD HEARTS in the schools they serve.

Our collaborations are the cornerstone of WILD HEARTS' success, and finding like-minded partners, building relationships, and driving change together has been an extraordinary journey. We remain excited about delivering quality environmental education, one lesson at a time.

We are honoured to partner with Africa Foundation to train selected ‘Yes4Youth’ Stewards. Tenthouse Structures provides online training for these stewards, situated in the Greater Kruger Area, to deliver WILD HEARTS lessons supported by Africa Foundation. Your commitment to procuring and distributing all the art resources and other materials has been vital to the program’s success. Thank you, Africa Foundation, for your unwavering support and dedication to environmental education.

Global Conservation Corps (GCC) is an exceptional organization, adeptly navigating obstacles to facilitate large groups while maintaining the quality of WILD HEARTS lessons. We celebrate GCC for their environmental knowledge, enthusiasm, adaptability, and their role as true environmental change-makers within the schools they serve.

This term, we welcomed a new partner: Nourish, Rise Creche. Despite the short time we’ve worked together, the Rise Creche team has shown a deep commitment to bringing quality activities to the children. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn have made training your staff a pleasure. We eagerly anticipate seeing how you expand the WILD HEARTS program into your other initiatives.

We were thrilled to conduct our first in-person training sessions this term, mentoring the teachers of 4–5-year-olds from MASICORP. This is the first term the MASICORP teachers are implementing the program independently, and witnessing their growth, creativity, and enthusiasm has been inspiring. Thank you, MASICORP, for implementing WILD HEARTS with such joy and dedication.

The Timbavati Foundation has created an exceptional Eco-Pod facility where WILD HEARTS lessons are conducted. Witnessing the Timbavati Foundation deliver each lesson with unmatched enthusiasm and seeing the children's excited responses has been truly inspirational. We thank the Timbavati Foundation for their unwavering support and dedication to environmental education and the WILD HEARTS program.

Victory Kids has been running the WILD HEARTS program independently, showcasing that our lesson plans are clear and concise enough for any qualified and experienced teacher to implement. Your ability to echo environmental messages independently speaks volumes. Thank you, Victory Kids, for being a WILD HEARTS partner.

A Collective Thanks

To all our partners, your dedication and passion for environmental education have made a profound impact. As Rachel Carson said, “The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.” Your efforts are fostering a generation that values and protects our environment.

Environmental education is essential for young children, as it lays the foundation for a sustainable future. We are excited to welcome new organizations to the WILD HEARTS family in Term 3 and look forward to mapping our expanded reach.

Stay tuned to our social media channels as we introduce our new partners. We invite other organizations to join the WILD HEARTS movement and collaborate with us to make a difference. Contact us today to get involved.

At Tenthouse Structures, we believe in being Made Better Together. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

*About our Sustainability Strategy: MADE BETTER, together is Tenthouse Structure’s migration towards a more sustainable architectural future for the protection and preservation of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity [PLANET] and helping to improve the living conditions and wellness of the communities we serve in [PEOPLE]


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