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Transforming Canopies into Pencil Bags: Empowering Children Through Education and Sustainability

Tenthouse Structures and Americashare, the philanthropic arm of Micato Safaris, teamed up for a special project. We're excited to share how we turned unused safari canopies into colourful pencil bags for grade R children in the Redhill informal settlement in South Africa.

Inspired by the potential of education, we transformed these canopies into practical symbols of empowerment. These pencil bags are more than just school supplies; they represent a journey from imagination to reality, showing that education is a key to a better future. The grade R children, part of Americashare's literacy-based aftercare program, happily received these bags at their graduation ceremony held in December 2023. We imagine them carrying not just crayons but also a sense of hope as they start grade 1 in 2024.

In the heart of the Redhill informal settlement, the Redhill Community Centre, thanks to Americashare and Micato Safaris, is a hub of positive change. Their literacy program not only teaches reading and writing but also provides a safe space for kids, keeping them away from challenges on the streets. The impact goes beyond books, resonating in the laughter, curiosity, and dreams of the Redhill children heading to grade 1 in 2024. Collaborating with Americashare and Micato Safaris, Tenthouse Structures is honoured to contribute to a brighter future for these children and the Redhill community. Together, we celebrate the power of education and community support, imagining a world where every child thrives.

As part of our commitment to sustainability through the "Made Better Together" initiative, Tenthouse Structures focuses on reusing materials. We repurposed sample canopies into these pencil bags, breathing new life into them and contributing to ethical waste management. Every piece of fabric has a unique story, and through creative reuse, we aim to tell a positive one. This project shows that even small steps, like reusing materials, matter in creating a better world. We're proud to stand alongside the communities we serve.

As we reflect on the positive impact of this project, Tenthouse Structures takes pride in our role in shaping the future for these young learners. This initiative reflects the transformative power of collaboration, creativity, and community involvement. Committed to ongoing positive initiatives, we look forward to using our resources to build a foundation for a brighter tomorrow. Together, we truly make a difference.


*About our Sustainability Strategy: MADE BETTER, together is Tenthouse Structure’s migration towards a more sustainable architectural future for the protection and preservation of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity [PLANET] and helping to improve the living conditions and wellness of the communities we serve in [PEOPLE]


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