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Escape to Paradise in 2025: The Hidden Gem of ENVI Al Sifah

Discover the hidden gem of ENVI Al Sifah, an upcoming eco-resort on a stunning, untouched coastline off the Gulf of Oman.

Nestled behind the mountains and with a wadi cutting through, the resort offers breath-taking views of the Gulf of Oman. Experience the abundance of marine life, turtle reserves, camel bathing, and horseback riding on this unique beach, located just 45 minutes away from Muscat.

Guests will enjoy the ultimate blend of luxury and privacy in the eco-resort's 40 Expedition tents, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The tents are meticulously designed to site and situated on pristine sandy beaches near the sea's edge.

Guests can also participate in a wide array of water activities, dine at the BBQ Shack on the beach, relax by the pool, or unwind at the spa while the kids enjoy The Nest.

Culture enthusiasts will also find a wealth of activities, such as learning traditional cooking methods or watching local musicians perform.

ENVI Al Sifah will open in 2025, so plan your trip now to experience the beauty of this hidden paradise.


ENVI is a luxury experiential ecolodge brand and management company. The company operates eco-friendly lodges that are immersed in nature and often located in remote destinations. Specialized in low-impact alternative accommodation units, ENVI follows high standards of sustainability, with every lodge designed, developed, and managed, based on our sustainability pillars, which include the protection of wildlife, the mindful use of resources, and support for local communities.


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