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Wild Hearts Celebrates World Children’s Day

We were thrilled to present our latest environmental awareness lesson, aptly titled WILD HEARTS, in honour of World Children's Day and all the amazing children who participate in our program. The lesson was designed to take the kids on a simulated game drive, encouraging them to identify different animals in a fun and interactive way. With chairs arranged like an imaginary game viewing vehicle, complete with seats for the driver and spotter, the kids used pretend binoculars to spot animal body parts and guess which creature they belonged to.

The children's responses were adorable and entertaining, offering a much-needed break from their usual school routine. The lesson was a light-hearted success that all the kids enjoyed, and we were thrilled to see an increase in their environmental literacy and knowledge of animals.

But the fun didn't stop there. The kids put their fine motor skills and creativity to the test by decorating their own toilet roll "binoculars." Then, they took their animal spotting skills outside to the playground, where they identified indigenous animals and bird life in the area. This activity not only encouraged outdoor play and physical activity, but it also instilled a sense of appreciation for local wildlife and the importance of protecting their natural habitats.

At Tenthouse Structures, we believe that children are the future custodians of our planet. It is our responsibility to guide them toward a more sustainable world, and WILD HEARTS is one of our proud initiatives aimed at achieving that goal. By teaching young children about the natural world and how to care for it, we inspire them to respect and love the animal and plant kingdom, creating wild hearts one lesson at a time.


*About our Sustainability Strategy: MADE BETTER, together is Tenthouse Structure’s migration towards a more sustainable architectural future for the protection and preservation of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity [PLANET] and helping to improve the living conditions and wellness of the communities we serve in [PEOPLE]


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