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Inspired X: Team Tenthouse_Looking Back on 2023

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and pride as we end another remarkable year at Tenthouse Structures. Together, we have embarked on an incredible journey, and I want to take this opportunity to appreciate and recognize the outstanding team efforts and achievements that have defined our year.

In 2023, Tenthouse Structures validated its position as a premier luxury tented design and engineering brand in outdoor hospitality. Moreover, we have successfully established ourselves as a comprehensive solution provider in new tent architecture specially crafted for the wild.

Our unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability has propelled us to new heights, and it is with great excitement that we witness the tangible results of our hard work and unwavering dedication.

This year, we also strategically invested in brand awareness and industry engagement, collaborating through key sponsorships like the Eco Resort Network, and our participation in prominent events, such as the Glamping Show Americas in Colorado, has further amplified our presence and influence in the market.

One of our major achievements was launching our NetZero sustainability platform, "Made Better, Together." This initiative highlights our dedication to environmental responsibility. We took significant steps, such as establishing the Tenthouse Sustainability Forum and thoroughly examining the processes, practices, and partners influencing our work and products.

I encourage you to continue your commitment to reducing carbon emissions through material selection and structural optimization. Every effort we make here brings us closer to establishing meaningful standards for our industry.

I am also pleased to report on our progress in our local outreach efforts. One of our most successful initiatives has been the WILD HEARTS environmental awareness program for pre-schoolers. Its positive impact has extended beyond our community, and we are thrilled with its success and developments.

In fact, we are proud to announce that the program (now in seven languages) is being introduced to pre-schoolers across South Africa in 2024. This collaboration truly exemplifies the values we hold dear and further solidifies our commitment to creating a sustainable impact on the world.

Once again, I want to express my sincerest appreciation for your hard work, dedication, and contributions to our shared success.

Together, we have accomplished incredible goals, and I am eager to see what we can achieve in the future.

Thank you for your unwavering support, contribution, and commitment to the Tenthouse Structures team.

Warm regards,



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