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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Our Inspired X collaborator this month is none other than Malek Alqadi of LA-based Cohesion Studio – someone who hardly needs an introduction. Cohesion's landmark work on "Folly" in Joshua Tree is widely known and respected, especially for its inventiveness, singular reimagining of indoor-outdoor space, energy use, and what it means to be "off-grid

We may as well just come out and say that not only is Malek's Cohesion studio a source of professional inspiration, but we are doubly honored to announce our upcoming design collaboration with Malek Alqadi and the Cohesion team. Tenthouse will be working with Cohesion studio at a site located adjacent to the peerless American wildernesss –iconic Joshua Tree National Park– the jewel of the Mojave.

The meeting of Malek Alqadi's flair for distinctive off-grid structures and deep study of their contextual environment, coupled with Tenthouse Structures' wilderness and tensile design-engineering expertise, feels a little like a match made in heaven.

This custom, #madeforthewild development (set for 2023) will see Tenthouse Structures working hand-in-hand with Malek and the Cohesion team to bring iconic, eco-conscious tensile architecture to this inimitable location, and we couldn't wish for a better, more respected partner than Malek Alqadi to lead the way there.


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