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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

John Torti Inspired X

Our Inspired X collaborator this month is the meticulous John Torti of DTJ Design

John has been an Associate Principal for four years and works on various resort, hospitality, and themed attraction projects worldwide. He approaches each project with a fresh vision and idea to make it unique and create memorable experiences for all ages, young and old.

Collaboration is a critical part of everything we do at Tenthouse. Still, with John, we are particularly captivated by his hands-on, energetic, fun, and contextual design approach that he imbues into every detail of the remarkable and memorable experiences, spaces, and destinations he and his team create.

It's no surprise that John and the DTJ team continue to craft spaces and destinations that resonate with the marketplace, excite the imagination, win awards, and stir the soul through this approach.

And we can't wait until early next year to experience how DTJ's creative energy gets brought to life through our tensile membrane structures. There's no doubt that it will be epically original and extraordinary (in every sense of the word) and, of course, as with all of John's projects - a whole lot of fun.


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