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Our Services: Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Tenthouse Structures Project Management and Site Services Integrated Approach

Tenthouse Structures is focused on assisting clients in transforming their nature-based hospitality ideas into successful and sustainable properties.

We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the process to create properties that harmoniously blend with nature, provide unique and memorable guest experiences, and perform to our exacting #madeforthewild quality standards.

Playing a key role in bridging the gap between a project vision and its execution is our integrated approach to project management, site services and post build maintenance.

Professional Project Management: Our skilled project managers serve as conductors, orchestrating seamless collaboration between our teams and our clients. Their meticulous coordination ensures projects adhere to timelines, budget constraints, and rigorous quality standards.

The vision for the project is fully absorbed, and any concerns are addressed at the beginning, allowing them to navigate the complexities and ensure every aspect of the project and our scope of work is executed flawlessly. With our project managers at the helm, visions are realized and elevated to new heights of excellence.

Expert Installation: Building upon the foundation of meticulous project management, expert installation takes center stage in bringing the project to life. Our team of highly experienced remote build specialists possesses the expertise needed to execute flawless installations, even in the most remote or challenging environments, with precision and efficiency.

The structure's size and location remoteness are no barriers to our team's craftsmanship in bringing every structure to life.

Comprehensive Maintenance Plans: Our clients invest in Tenthouse Structures because they expect a premium quality product. Tent and structural maintenance are integral to our 360 ͦ DPMC (design and project management cycle).

This means working with our clients to tailor a maintenance program before handover to suit the tent structures, the site, and their operation. With ongoing support, we empower our clients to maximize their properties' potential, ensuring lasting excellence in the wilderness.

Tenthouse Structures is committed to turning each client’s unique project vision into reality.

For more information about our Tent Architecture Services, please click here.


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