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Celebrating World Rhino Day

Happy World Rhino Day! It is important to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect these magnificent animals. At Tenthouse Structures, we take our commitment to the environment and the community very seriously. Recently, we dedicated a morning to teaching the children in Masiphumelele, Cape Town about rhino conservation. As part of our newly launched preschool environmental education program, WILD HEARTS, and our ongoing commitment to Masicorp as an affiliated partner of our program, our dedicated team members delivered a lesson on rhinos, celebrating World Rhino Day with the Masicorp children at their Chasmay Campus.

Our outreach efforts also involved giving back to the community and improving the Masicorp Sunnydale creche facilities and infrastructure. Tenthouse Structures donated four shade sails and all the necessary fittings, and our staff volunteered their time and expertise to skilfully install these shade structures in the preschool's newly renovated garden. We have no doubt that the new shaded structures will provide a cool and welcoming respite from the heat as the season changes and the weather warms up once more.

During the morning of outreach, the children also had the opportunity to assist in threading bracelets made from natural stone and lava beads. These beaded bracelets will be distributed at the upcoming Glamping Show in the USA, serving as a small reminder of the power of collaboration, outreach, and education, and the importance of standing together to create positive change.

We remain committed to philanthropy, and we hope to inspire others to join us in making a meaningful and lasting impact on our communities.

We believe that environmental education is essential, particularly for young children, who are the future guardians of our planet, and invite you to be an affiliated partner of the WILD HEARTS program by following this link for more information: Wild Hearts | Tomorrow's custodians of the planet.

If you would like additional information on how you can support Masicorp, please follow the link or contact them directly at their Cape Town office on: +(27) 21 785 1923.


About our Sustainability Strategy: MADE BETTER, together is Tenthouse Structure’s migration towards a more sustainable architectural future for the protection and preservation of ecosystems and environmental biodiversity [PLANET] and helping to improve the living conditions and wellness of the communities we serve in [PEOPLE]


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