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A Revolutionary New Approach to Glamping Tents

Updated: Feb 1

At Tenthouse Structures we draw inspiration from nature to create innovative tensile structural solutions that invite guests to immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Expedition Camps

Our Expedition Camps range is an elegant glamping solution, providing versatility and sustainability. Crafted with precision, these structures blend seamlessly into various terrains, offering a unique and engaging experience for guests.

Beyond the visual appeal, a Tenthouse Structure prioritizes comfort, durability, and performance. Drawing from the trend in luxury resort and lodge design, Expedition Camps responds to the rising demand for high-performance tented structures in the realm of upscale experiential travel.

Introducing the Expedition Camps Hard-shell Option

Our latest innovation, the Expedition Camps “hard-shell,” introduces a new approach to the classic glamping tent. Integrating hardened surfaces into a tensile structure, we take cues from nature's adaptability and shielding forms, seeking to emulate the same balance and resilience in our designs.

This innovative solution not only reflects our commitment to sustainability it also enhances the nature retreat experience, encouraging more individuals to venture outdoors and embrace the beauty of the natural world all year round.

Offering en-suite accommodation with a fully insulated hard body, architectural PVC roof membrane, and single- or double-glazed windows and doors, the hard-shell option brings the comfort and privacy of a traditional cabin with the allure and additional exterior coverage of a tent, transforming the outdoor experience.

While our traditional Expedition Camps soft-shell remains ideal for seasonal and semi-permanent camps, the hard-shell caters to bold camp and resort operators wanting to operate year-round, embracing the wonders of every season.

The Expedition Camps Experience

Nature-inspired and innovation-driven, our Expedition Camps range provides:

Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: Designed and engineered to embody sustainability from the outset, we incorporate eco-friendly materials and construction practices that align with the growing preference for environmentally conscious travel.

Since late 2022, we have been following the internationally recognized IStructE guidance, which considers carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle.

Currently, based on the SCORS rating (Structural Carbon Rating Scheme), the Expedition Camps tent achieves ratings up to 'A' with emissions of 136 kgCO/m2.

This is well above the average global target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Versatility: Expedition Camps can be adapted for optimal performance to suit various environments and terrains. Whether as a plug in to your existing operation or full turnkey, in a beachfront location, a desert, mountainous area, or a forested landscape our tent structures provide a seamless integration with the natural environment.

Comfort: Tenthouse climate control design, and ultra-lightweight structural technologies ensure optimal comfort. Expertly crafted our design offers a luxurious experience allowing guests to enjoy the benefits of adventure stays without sacrificing the comfort and amenities associated with upscale accommodations.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Our high-performance structures are engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, from heavy rain, strong winds, and snowfall within a wide range of extreme temperatures. This durability provides an extended design life and enhances the safety and well-being of guests.

Aesthetic Appeal: Expedition Camps' stylish and visually appealing design reinvents the romance of safari tents. This aesthetic charm contributes to the overall ambiance of a resort or camp, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Unique Guest Experience: Staying in a beautifully designed tented structure provides guests with a distinctive experience. The blend of outdoor adventure with the comfort of a well-designed structure is unique and enveloping, fostering a connection between guests and the natural surroundings.

Marketing Advantage: Promoting high-performance tented structures can be a strong marketing point for a resort or camp as the trend towards experiential travel and unique accommodations continues to grow. Highlighting the high-performance features of an expertly designed wilderness dwelling in marketing materials can attract a broader audience seeking a more upscale glamping experience.


Meticulously crafted and #madeforthewild, our solutions invite guests to experience nature in true comfort.


Expedition Camps. More than a Tent.

Please click here for more information about the Expedition Camps Range, or contact us directly.


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